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performances : When will the September roses bloom? Last night was only a comedy. a double performance :

performance space drawing by Lin Hixson

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Goat Island began creating their eighth performance work with the question: how do you repair? Drawing on diverse sources for dance/movement sequences, theatrical scenes, and spoken texts, the company begun mining The Wind (a silent film from 1928), the history of the teaching of the alphabet in America, the time/space patterns of the fibonacci sequence spiral, the poetry of Paul Celan, the philosophy of Simone Weil, and household repair manuals and diagrams. The piece questions our place in a damaged world and our aptitude at repairing it.

The performance is designed to take place over two nights, with the knowledge that an audience member might only see one performance so each night offers a complete experience in itself; approximately 15% of each night's performance will constitute material unique to that night, and while the other performance material will be repeated, much of that will be in a different sequence each night. This dynamic structure reflects the performance's themes of repair/reversibility, and intentionally produces shifts in audience perception and interpretation.

Commissioned by Performing Arts Chicago (USA), Arnolfini (UK), Dance 4 (UK), New Moves International (UK), Kampnagel (Germany), and the College of the Arts and Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University (USA).

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