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Small Acts of Repair: Performance, Ecology and Goat Island
A new book edited by Stephen Bottoms and Matthew Goulish, published by Routledge. Available 21 September, 2007.

Frakcija When will the September Roses Bloom? Last Night was only a Comedy
Reading Companion

Co-published by Goat Island and Frakcija (Zagreb, Croatia), 2004/05 **

Part ONE Reflections on the process (2004) creative and critical responses to the process, by Sara Jane Bailes, Lucy Cash (formerly Lucy Baldwyn), Stephen J Bottoms, Goat Island, Matthew Goulish, Lin Hixson, Mark Jeffery, CJ Mitchell, Judd Morrissey.

US $10
UK £8

Part TWO Reflections on the performance (2005) creative and critical responses to the performance by Ric Allsopp, Carol Becker, Marin Blazevic, Daniel Borzutzky, Karen Christopher, Matthew Goulish, Lin Hixson, Irmela Kastner, Joe Kelleher, Judith Leemann, Nicholas Ridout, Heike Roms, Bryan Saner, Ivana Vucic and Tomislav J. Kacunic, Lito Walkey and David Williams.

US $10
UK £8

Parts ONE and TWO

US $20
UK £16

June: What would your shadow do?
Audio CD *

US $12
UK £10
False Walls Recordings (2004). One month from 2002 - The year long writing project.
What would your shadow do? was originally commissioned for radio broadcast as part of the 2002 Outer Ear Festival of Sound in Chicago. The piece combines text recorded live at the Nightwalking Conference (London, 2002) with additional sounds and audio effects.
June Question - by Litó Walkey: What would your shadow do? June Structural Variation – by Lin Hixson: Promenade: An evening stroll. Consider the 5-week month as an evening stroll through the city. The walk has five modes of activity, each with its own mode of expression, corresponding to each week. Detailed notes enclosed with the CD.

North True South Free
Goat Island/Northside High School *

US $10
UK £8
Published by Goat Island (2004). Collaborative writing project by Goat Island and Northside College Preparatory High School. Booklet contains “hyakuin – 100 link renga”, based on the poetry of Yosa Buson and Paul Celan; and “Notes and Composition Guide” by Matthew Goulish, Project Editor.

It's an Earthquake in My Heart
Reading Companion *

US $5
UK £4
Booklet published by Goat Island (2001) – contents: Introduction;
Goat Island collaborative writing project, “Letter in a Stair Shape Diminishing”;
Essay by Adrian Heathfield, “Coming Undone”

The Sea & Poison
Reading Companion *

US $5
UK £4
Booklet published by Goat Island (1998) – contents:
Performance notes on devising movement sequences, by Goat Island;
Thematic elements in the performance, by Goat Island;
“37 Squared”, written response to the performance by CJ Mitchell

Schoolbook 2
Publication **

US $15
UK £10
Published by Goat Island and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2000).
Linked to Goat Island’s summer schools in Chicago and Bristol in 2000, this publication addresses Goat Island’s teaching methodologies, and includes: detailed descriptions of the company’s workshop exercises, along with participants’ responses; and essays/writing by Peggy Phelan, Stephen J Bottoms, Adrian Heathfield, Carol Becker and Goat Island.

39 microlectures - in proximity of performance
by Matthew Goulish ***

US $18
UK £20.99
Published by Routledge (2000). A collection of miniature stories, parables, musings and thinkpieces on the nature of reading, writing, art, collaboration, performance, life, death, the universe and everything.

It's Shifting, Hank
Flipbook *

US $4
UK £3
Published by Goat Island (1994).
Still images come to life; recreate the performance!

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39 microlectures - in proximity of performance
by Matthew Goulish is published by Routledge, and is available in many fine bookshops.